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Marketing Award

4 years ago
Posted by Warren Mauger

marketing award


For the second year in a row Spike’s Warren Mauger has been shortlisted for the Guernsey Awards for achievement Marketing Award.

Along with Philip Smith, their 7 Marathons in 7 Days campaign is one of three up for the prestigious Guernsey Awards for Achievement Marketing prize. The strategy of the campaign was key to the success of the fundraising efforts and created community engagement resulting in more than £20,000 being raised for the chosen charities, The Hub and This is EPIC.

On finding out about their nomination, Warren said, “Philip and I are both excited to be shortlisted for this award. We worked hard at making this event a success and the marketing was key if we were to achieve our goal of changing lives.”

Philip added, “It’s amazing to be shortlisted for this award as in order to maximise the impact of the running we had to get the marketing spot on so people were fully engaged by the time we took our first steps.”

This was a fully integrated campaign including, PR, video, posters, and social media.

Last year Warren was part of the winning team behind male cancer charity MUG’s “Check your balls” campaign working with TPA and Sweet PR to create the strategy and with photographer Simon Boucher Harris to produce the striking photography for the adverts.

Warren acknowledged how the marketing landscape has changed, making it easier to make an impact: “What is pleasing is that we have been able to create campaigns that haven’t needed huge budgets but have really managed to connect with the audience”

What this proves to us at Spike is that the old way of doing things has now changed and it is possible to create stand-out campaigns that don’t break the bank. It also demonstrates that by being smart, smaller organisations can compete hard with cash rich businesses. Traditional agencies that have not kept up to speed are fading fast and new dynamic agencies are taking their place. It’s an exciting time to be involved in Marketing and finding fresh new ways of communicating without necessarily spending mega-bucks.

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